"Murata provides the essentials"
This commercial is set in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.
At first glance, it is a typical site, but if you look carefully…
Murata products are all around you and part of your everyday life.
For example, from home appliances to smartphones and other high-tech digital devices.
Our solutions may not be obvious, but they do support our everyday lives.
"Murata evolves through innovation"
Murata is building environmentally-friendly plants to ensure the well-being of future generations.
The foremost example is the Kanazu Murata Manufacturing Plant in Fukui Prefecture.
With the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy,
we developed and tested our own proprietary battery storage and power system.
We intend to roll this model out to our other plants worldwide.
Murata is committed to sustainability.
“Murata enables the future”
Murata is known as a small-parts company.
However, we also develop and deploy technologies with a goal of resolving some of the most pressing social issues.
An example is technology that can help you to see the invisible.
This enables us to visualize the soil conditions of a field, the air in an office, or the traffic volume on a road.
It is our hope that our contributions will lead to a more convenient and comfortable future.


"Murata provides the essentials"

"Murata evolves through innovation"

“Murata enables the future”